Autore del progetto
Progetti / CIAFFONI Luca


Località MODENA
Anno 2017
Condizioni Opere realizzate
Tipologia Commercio
Struttura prevalente Struttura mista
EXTERNAL The operation, with a limited budget, was initiated by the redesign of the logo representing, borrowing the circle and declinanadolo both in graphics of the new plaque is in the facade textures to create holes with variable size and density on the surface you choose for coating the top of the facade. This skin as the entire body summit that houses the administrative part, preserving healthy sight of indoors and are not deprived of natural light, while being shielded from the white cloth used to give more unity to the previous color design, made piecemeal by the chromatic alternations and small windows to view the office. INTERIORS Over and above the coating of glass and metal casing that frame scanning inside the local strip mall, the most significant intervention was carried out on the upper part of the gallery, where it was completely dismantled the previous time the metal, to open natural light interior spaces. Through the slats of variable section the natural light from several windows in the upper ring cover is widespread making more pleasant visual comfort of internal routes