Autore del progetto


Località Canary Islands
Anno 2020
Condizioni Tavole di concorso
Tipologia Residenze
Struttura prevalente Cemento armato
The aim of the InHouse Company with this contest is to get a new single family house, using precast reinforced concrete panels made by the company, which will be shown to the clients. The building blocks of the project are the wall frames, 400 cm x 260 cm precast reinforced concrete panels, so as to comply with European standard measures for road transport. When repeated and put together, wall frames shape the building, reducing construction times. Each wall frame can be customized and have different degrees of “transparency” and can be used as a completely windowless wall or a completely windowed wall. The triangle – ancestral metaphor for transcendence – rends surfaces, makes them disappear and gives a vertical upsurge to the interior. Furthermore, it frames the landscape, puts inside the building the warm and sunny atmosphere of a lovely beach, conveying at the same time a feeling of protection and safety to the observer. You can get a wide view of the outdoors from every corner and admire the sea, the earth and the sky with a single glance. During the day, the two pure volumes that form the building undergo a transformation: they change from telescopes directed towards the sea into lanterns lighting up the darkness. “40 Frame House” is designed with features that suit very well to a position in a dry climate zone with average yearly temperatures around 20° C and a location in a flat site.
40 Frame House
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