Autore del progetto


Località Cork (Ireland)
Anno 2017
Condizioni Incarichi in corso
Tipologia Residenze
Struttura prevalente Cemento armato
Calloboration with "Fuinneamh workshop" (Sean Antoin O'Mouri) This house is situated on a secluded site at the edge of a wood in Cork. The site conditions were extremely challenging: an irregular shape, uneven gradient and poor light conditions. Yet, from these constraints, the concept for the house emerged: to create a home that both engages and merges with its wooded setting and its habitat. A rigorous approach in the placement of the fenestration gives an ordered definition to the two simple volumes. Three large openings on the southern façade of the house correspond to three pools which allow filtered light from the foliage of the trees to reflect into the interior rooms. Upright walls in rammed earth frame three fastidiously placed bee hives in the wood beyond, extending the spatial experience of this very small house. To the north, a blank wall mitigates heat loss. To the south-west, low external walls turn to create a patio from where the inhabitants can watch the sun setting in the summer time.