Località Italia
Anno 2020
Condizioni Tavole di concorso
Tipologia Spazi pubblici e paesaggio
Struttura prevalente Struttura mista
The memorial that I thought I represented is a monument that has a round shape to imagine the earth, with two parts, one that represents the memory of what happened with the covid-19 and one that represents the rebirth and the return to normality. In the midst of dividing the two parts, a high wall, the wall of civilization that opposed the pandemic. The part that represents the memory is composed of a semi-circle of broken columns and a high-strength glass plate placed at a height of 4 meters inclined with the shape of a bat supported by steel pythroads. The high wall representing civilization has a height of 9 meters, a length of 20.4 meters and a thickness of 0.6 meters. Inside the wall there are systems for the operation of a body of water that laps the wall, above the wall solar panels have been placed, to allow the operation in an ecological way of the lighting and water system. The part of the rebirth and the return to normality and composed of a semi-circle of trees in a garden with a body of water to imagine the return to life purified by evil.
Covid-19 Community Memorial Design Competition