Autore del progetto
Progetti / Lorenzo MAGGIO


Località Londra
Anno 2020
Condizioni Proposte non realizzate
Tipologia Spazi pubblici e paesaggio
Struttura prevalente Legno
The kindness of nature, which invades the city and the life of people, like a delicate symphony, creating a game of harmonies between man and nature. This project intends to achieve this goal by developing a unified solution throughout the Low Line, introducing a story made of public green, the naturalness of interventions, attention to health and well-being, and respect for the environment. Careful planning of inclusive spaces for working, living, eating, playing sports, etc. The vision and the main concept is that of the creation of a linear Garden of Eden, which follows the route of the Low Line, without interruptions, giving life to a strong natural environment, with a high presence of plants, lawns, green. The project includes a path consisting of a mirror of water at the centre of the promenade, and this follows the course of the arcs of the Low Line, while on the sides of this there is a linear park that follows the watercourse. The proposed structure is that of a river and symbolizes the growth of a city along its banks. The space is characterized by a strong presence of trees and vegetation, alternated with public seats, creating environments and squares in which to stay. Increased connections with the territory, creating inclusive and open spaces, elimination of barriers along the route. Characteristic is the composition of the spaces, the shape of the arcs of the Low Line is recalled and used as a spatial compositional element of the project, creating through these arched structures, a diversified morphology of the paths and environments. These connect with the activities present in the arcs of the Low Line, modelling spaces delineated by the composition, creating green covers, seats and environments below them. The arched structures contain a large variety of flower species, a sensitive and controlled development of the flora, creating a natural habitat for bees, becoming a natural resource of nectar.